Zeigler Teen Killed After Friday Shooting in Carbondale, Investigation Ongoing

Zeigler Teen Killed After Friday Shooting in Carbondale, Investigation Ongoing

CARBONDALE – A Zeigler teen died following a shooting early Friday morning in Carbondale.

According to Carbondale police, officers responded to a report of a gunshot victim, 16-year-old Xequan Campbell, at 1225 W. Freeman St. around 2:40 a.m. After officers arrived to the scene, they found Campbell in the west stairway of the apartment building. The Jackson County Ambulance Service took him to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale where he was pronounced dead.

Prior to the shooting, witnesses in an apartment at the address where the shooting took place saw several individuals walking in the direction of the same apartment building. One of the individuals approaching the apartment was Campbell, another was carrying a gun. An occupant of the apartment fired shots at the door from the inside after Campbell banged on the door, who possibly tried to open the door without identifying himself.

Detectives determined Campbell’s relation to one of the occupants in the apartment and may have been responding to a call from the relative about an incident several hours earlier involving a gun at the apartment. Campbell’s relative and others in the apartment took cover just before the shooting in an adjoining room after seeing those walking toward their apartment with a gun.

Officers arrested those responsible for the shooting and took them into custody, and were then released by the Jackson County State’s Attorney pending a review. The investigation is ongoing.

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