House Investigative Committee to Meet, Investigate Madigan-ComEd

House Investigative Committee to Meet, Investigate Madigan-ComEd

SPRINGFIELD – A House Special Investigative Committee, prompted by Illinois House Republicans demanding that Speaker Michael Madigan face disciplinary measures, is set to meet on September 10 in Springfield.

The Illinois House formed a special panel last week to investigate Speaker Madigan, who was implicated in a federal bribery probe last month with northern Illinois-based ComEd. Republicans petitioned to form the committee last week, saying Wednesday that the House must “do its job and conduct a thorough investigation.”

Republicans and some Democrats have called on Madigan to step down after federal prosecutors named him by title in a criminal investigation in which ComEd acknowledges engaging in bribery in the Capitol.

Madigan hasn’t been charged and repeated Wednesday that he hasn’t engaged in wrongdoing.

Chairperson of the Committee, State Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, asked in a statement released Friday that as they begin their work, members of the committee come prepared to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of the “serious business before them.”

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