Two Injured in White County Crash Involving Three Semis

WHITE COUNTY – Two are injured as the result of an accident involving three semis on I-64 in White County Tuesday morning.

According to a release from the Illinois State Police (ISP), the accident happened around 2:15 a.m. when one semi began to fishtail on the slippery road in the eastbound lanes before it jackknifed and overturned. A semi following close behind clipped the first semi’s trailer and another semi behind the second was forced up into the median to the north as it unsuccessfully tried to avoid hitting the other two semis, eventually striking the first semi.

The driver of the first and third semi, identified as 28-year-old Liu Waychee of California and 45-year-old Adam Durrence of Georgia respectively, were taken to a local hospital with injuries sustained in the crash. The driver of the second semi was uninjured.

Waychee was cited for driving too fast for conditions.

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