Illinois Deploying Disaster Teams to Support Vaccination Sites

Illinois Deploying Disaster Teams to Support Vaccination Sites

SPRINGFIELD (AP) – The Pritzker administration announced the state is deploying three Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) teams throughout the state to serve as community outreach specialists at county-run COVID-19 vaccination sites.

Thee teams are federal resources, requested by the State of Illinois according to officials. The first DSA team will be deployed to St. Clair County this week.

DSA teams were last deployed to Illinois in 2013 when tornadoes and severe storms ripped through the state.

Each DSA team is comprised of 8 people, and team members hail from throughout the nation.  Like all FEMA personnel, DSA team members can be identified by their official federal photo ID badge. If in doubt, immediately contact your local law enforcement or local emergency number for assistance.

Given the current pandemic, DSA teams will be deployed to assist local health departments serving underserved communities and vulnerable populations. They’ll be used to support the county’s call center operations to help individuals make vaccination appointments.

The team will also work with various organizations throughout the community to contact seniors and other eligible populations about the availability of the vaccine.

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