Illinois Bar Event Causes 46 COVID-19 Cases, School Closure

Illinois Bar Event Causes 46 COVID-19 Cases, School Closure

CHICAGO (AP) – The CDC has linked a downstate Illinois bar opening to a coronavirus outbreak and COVID-related school closure.

The newest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) weekly morbidity and mortality report shows how far COVID-19 can spread from a single event.

According to the report, a February 2021 bar opening, in a rural Illinois county, was linked to 46 known COVID-19 cases. The bar or county were not named in the report, but a citation in the report shows several authors work for the Douglas County Health Department. A health department spokeswoman hasn’t commented on the report.

The cases resulted in the shutdown of a school impacting 650 children and the hospitalization of a long-term care facility resident. At least 17 of the confirmed cases were among people not at the bar.

The seven-day average of COVID-19 cases in the county more than doubled two weeks after the event. People at the bar said attendees did not all wear masks or distance from each other.

The CDC said they believe the actual number of cases linked to the event is higher than reported.

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