Jesse White Warning of Two Scams Seeking to Defraud Residents

Jesse White Warning of Two Scams Seeking to Defraud Residents

SPRINGFIELD – Secretary of State Jesse White is warning Illinois residents to be on alert for a pair of scams seeking to defraud Illinoisans.

In the first scam, White is warning the public of scammers who are sending unsolicited text messages, claiming to be from the Illinois Secretary of State.

The text messages contain vague references to “Problems with your information” and another reference to “*IL* Secretary of State.” Each text also contains a link attributed to “”

White’s office said visiting the website could place malware on the recipients’ devices or trick them into disclosing sensitive personal information. The Secretary of State’s office never requests personal information, like a Social Security number, via text message.

“Delete the text,” White. “Do not click on it and do not provide any of your personal information.”

In the second scam, fraudulent websites are offering online vehicle registration renewals for license plate stickers and then charging residents an additional fee for the registration.

White warned that one particular website —, is misleading customers with an unauthorized website promoting online license plate sticker renewals.

Once the customer provides personal information, the sham company charges the customer a fee of $39.99, in addition to the sticker fee. The company, which has websites for multiple states, is misleading residents across the nation.

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating the company in an effort to shut it down over concerns of how the company may be using the personal data that it obtains from customers.

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