City of Marion Announces Mural District Awards

City of Marion Announces Mural District Awards

MARION – The City of Marion has announced its Mural District awards.

As part of the ongoing downtown revitalization efforts, the City solicited artists from near and far to submit concepts for the Marion Mural District located within the 2-block radius of Tower Square Plaza. The City recognizes the potential of art as a catalyst to revitalize public spaces, bring the community together and to stimulate economic development.

Each artist received an award amount of $1,500 for their concept to be used on the buildings. Artists additionally will receive funds to construct their artwork. The artists’ construction commission varies depending on estimated time, scale, complexity, artist experience and additional resources needed from the City.

The solicitation period was from February 1-March 7. Sixty-seven artists submitted concepts, with a total of over 300 concepts submitted and processed. The concepts came from 11 states and as far as Mexico.

The following artists were awarded:

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