Illinois’ Largest State Union Opposing Vaccine Mandate

Illinois’ Largest State Union Opposing Vaccine Mandate

CHICAGO (AP) – The state’s largest union for state employees opposes the governor’s requirement that public employees working in congregate settings get vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 4.

In a memo to union members, the union said the rigid mandate won’t work and the focus should be on education about why the vaccine is important. The vaccine has not been fully approved and is considered for emergency use by federal regulators.

Other groups across the state are protesting mask mandates for K-12 schools.

The governor announced the mandate last week. Republican state Rep. Brad Halbrook called it “COVID fascism,” saying the governor is going it alone and the legislature must be involved.

Democratic state Rep. La Shawn Ford heard concerns on both sides, but didn’t want to make masks a law that would criminalize those not complying.

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