American Red Cross In Critical Need for Blood

The American Red Cross continues to have an ongoing, critical need for lifesaving blood this summer as blood product distributions to hospitals remain higher than anticipated. In recent months, the Red Cross has sent 12% more blood products to hospitals to help patients in need, including higher distributions to hospitals in areas where the pandemic continues to disrupt normal blood collection operations. Even without the added struggle of a global pandemic, summer is one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. As summer vacations end and people return to regular routines, the Red Cross encourages eligible donors to make an appointment to give now. Please help us spread the word and help refuel the blood supply in our local hospitals.

If you are able, give blood at one of the following blood drives, and give the gift of life.

Upcoming Blood Drive August/ September


Date      Time                                                      Location                                                               City

8/20       1pm-6pm                            University Mall (across from Old Navy)                   Carbondale

8/21       10:30am-3:30pm              University Mall (across from Old Navy)                   Carbondale

8/25       11am-4pm                          Memorial Hospital                                                           Carbondale

8/27       9:30am-2:30pm                Center for Medical Arts                                                 Carbondale

8/27       10am-3pm                          SIH System Office                                                            Carbondale

8/30       10am-2pm                          SIU – Renaissance Room                                               Carbondale

8/31       10am-2pm                          SIU – Renaissance Room                                               Carbondale

8/31       9am-1pm                             Grace United Methodist Church                                Carbondale

9/7         2pm-6pm                            Shawnee Amish Church                                                 Murphysboro

9/7         1:30pm-5:30pm                                St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church                              Carbondale

9/8         1:30pm-5:30pm                                American Legion Post 127                                             Murphysboro

9/14       10am-2pm                          SIU Morris Library                                                            Carbondale

9/16       12:30pm-5:30pm              Neighborhood Co-op                                                     Carbondale

9/20       1:30pm-5:30pm                                Redeemer Community Church                                   Carbondale

9/22       2:30pm-6:30pm                                Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints             Carbondale

9/23       2pm-6pm                            Campbell Hill Community Center                              Campbell Hill

9/24       1pm-5pm                            St. Andrew’s Parish Knights of Columbus               Murphysboro

9/27       10am-3pm                          Egyptian Electric Co-op                                                  Murphysboro

9/27       12:30pm-5:30pm              Elkville Christian Church                                                Elkville

9/30       10am-3pm                          SIU Credit Union                                                               Carbondale

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