Beef & Pork Processing Plant Coming to Williamson County

WILLIAMSON COUNTY – Economic growth is coming to Williamson County.

Saline River Farms, LLC is planning to build an 83,000 square foot USDA Beef and Pork processing facility in eastern Williamson County.

According to a press release, the facility will be located at 9032 Route 166 in Creal Springs. Williamson County was in competition with a site in Kentucky for the project as part of the USDA’s efforts to increase capacity and diversify processing facilities across the United States.

Saline River Farms is expected to invest $87 million into local agriculture over the next year. When completed the facility will process over 40 million pounds of beef and over 19 million pounds of pork annually.

The company will provide wholesale beef and pork processing services, consumer beef and pork processing services, direct to consumer mail order meat distribution, and will have an on-premises retail store. It will distribute product under several different labels.

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