Area Community College Presidents Release Joint Statement Regarding Pandemic

Area Community College Presidents Release Joint Statement Regarding Pandemic

Presidents of southern Illinois community colleges released a group statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and said they are working hard to develop and operationalize mitigation protocols at their various campuses.

Presidents from Kaskaskia, Rend Lake, John A. Logan, and Southeastern Illinois wrote the joint statement addressing recent decisions by the Governor to mandate vaccines or weekly testing for students, faculty and staff.

The statement noted the region has for many weeks now been an area with a dangerously high transmission rate of COVID-19.

And while each campus will implement procedures in ways that best fit each campus community, they said it’s essential to recognize they’re unified in their message and their adherence to state and federal guidance and orders regarding vaccination and testing.

They added that they’re also unified in ensuring their students and staff can visit their campuses, knowing that their safety is their top priority.

“We all must do our part to help reduce the spread and save our healthcare system from imploding,” the statement said. “Reducing disease spread is how we stay open for business and protect lives, be it through vaccination or simple testing.”

This message, they said, is not about politics, they’re educators, and their ultimate goal is to ensure their students succeed while also keeping everyone safe.

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