Ten Digits Now Required to Complete Phone Calls in Illinois

Ten Digits Now Required to Complete Phone Calls in Illinois

Starting Sunday, callers in the 618 Area Code will be required to dial all ten digits when making a phone call.

To complete local calls, you will need to dial either the area code plus telephone number or 1 plus area code plus telephone number. This applies to all calls within the 618 area code that are currently dialed with seven digits.

On or after Sunday, calls made with only seven digits may not connect, and/or a recording will tell you your call cannot be completed as dialed.

According to Tracy Felty, Saline-Gallatin 9-1-1 Director, businesses need to check with their alarm companies that have automatic dialing, to ensure the 618 is added into the automatic dialing. Also fax machines that are pre-programmed will need to be reprogrammed for ten digit dialing.

The change is needed to comply with a 2020 rule by the Federal Communications Commission that created a three-digit number 988 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

The ten digit dialing has no effect on 9-1-1. 9-1-1 is still a three-digit number and no area code has to be put in when dialing 9-1-1.

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