2022 Gubernatorial Candidate Schimpf Announces Running Mate

2022 Gubernatorial Candidate Schimpf Announces Running Mate

Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, Paul Schimpf Tuesday announced his announced Carolyn Schofield as his Lieutenant Governor and running mate during an event in Crystal Lake.

“I am honored and excited to be running with Paul as his Lieutenant Governor candidate,” Schofield said in a joint statement. “As a parent, I can no longer sit back and watch Illinois families face corruption in our government and danger on our streets. I’m running because Paul and I can make a difference.”

The two lambasted Gov. J.B. in the statement, claiming to “will clean up corruption in Illinois, keep our veterans, families, and communities safe, and grow our economy for working families. Their shared vision represents a sharp contrast from the failed policies of the Pritzker Administration, which has punished everyday Illinoisans with unaffordable taxes, surging crime, and corruption.”

“Carolyn is the ideal choice to run on my ticket because she cares about all the important issues facing Illinoisians,” Schimpf said. “Her priorities align with mine, and we will continue to push our Parent’s Bill of Rights to give back to parents the autonomy and respect that they never should have lost in the first place,” Schimpf said.

The pair will tour the state Wednesday and Thursday with a stop planned in Marion Thursday; a meet and greet at the Kokopelli Golf Course on Champions Dr. in Marion at noon.

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