Jefferson Co. Sherriff’s Deputy Named ‘Deputy of the Year’

Jefferson Co. Sherriff’s Deputy Named ‘Deputy of the Year’

JEFFERSON COUNTY – The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association on Monday named Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy as  “Deputy of the Year” at its Sheriff’s Winter Conference.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard had nominated David A. May for the award after an officer-involved shooting at the Jefferson County Courthouse in October 2021.

Deputy May jumped in to help a correctional officer, who was in a scuffle with an inmate. That inmate had taken the officer’s gun and had already fired one round into the floor.

Deputy May saw the scuffle on surveillance cameras, rushed to the basement and shot the inmate. The inmate threw the gun away and was placed into custody.

In December, Deputy May was awarded a medal of valor from his department and in January was awarded the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices 2021 Deputy of the Year.

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